Flinders ISC students

Before you arrive at Flinders ISC

‭Documents to bring with you

‭Before you depart your home country, please make sure you have prepared the following documents to bring with ‭you, including:

  • ‭Valid passport and student visa documents
  • ‭Offer letter from Flinders University
  • ‭Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) issued by Flinders University
  • ‭Receipts of payments (e.g. tuition fees, OSHC, bank statements etc.) 
  • ‭Insurance policies
  • ‭Original or certified copies of your academic transcripts and qualifications
  • ‭Other personal identification documents, e.g. birth certificate, ID card, driver’s licence
  • ‭Medical records and/or prescriptions 
  • ‭Confirmation of Appropriate Accommodation and Welfare (CAAW) if you are under 18 ‭years of age. 

Settling in at Flinders ISC

When you arrive at Flinders International Study Centre you will be welcomed into our dedicated space on campus. 

As a new Flinders ISC student you will be able to take part in orientation sessions, where you will be presented with the essential information you will need to help you settle in quickly into your new home and studies. During orientation you will: 

  • Learn about Study Smart, our online learning platform where you can access lessons, homework and learning materials
  • Go on a campus tour
  • Familiarise yourself with a range of library facilities
  • You will also receive information about health insurance, banking and what it's like to be a Flinders ISC student. 

In addition, you will also have the opportunity to spend a day with fellow students and staff on an Australian experience. This may be a trip to a wildlife park to meet Australia's famous wildlife, or a trip to the beach.

Other items you may wish to bring (you can also purchase these in Australia):
  • ‭‭Laptop or tablet 
  • ‭Scientific or graphics calculator 
  • ‭Camera 
  • ‭Music CDs or mp3 player 
  • ‭Alarm clock  
  • ‭Bath towels, bed sheets, pillow cases  
  • ‭Spare spectacles or contact lenses 
  • ‭Swimming costume  
  • ‭Sporting equipment  
  • ‭Toiletries  
  • ‭Dictionary 
  • ‭Photos of family and friends to brighten up your new room!

Provider: Study Group Australia Pty Limited. CRICOS Provider Code: 01682E.

Where is Adelaide?

Located between the hills and the ocean, Adelaide is the capital city of South Australia.

"The best thing about Flinders for international students is they make you more independent. Because you live in an international environment without your parents, you learn how to cook, you learn how to communicate with people from different countries and learn about their cultures."

Yishan from China - Studying Foundation program

Finders ISC student Yishan from China

Study Group Australia Pty Limited trading as Flinders International Study Centre delivers its own pathways courses leading to undergraduate studies at Flinders University. Study Group Australia Pty Limited trading as Flinders International Study Centre is also a third party delivering pre-masters courses on behalf of Flinders University.

Provider: Study Group Australia Pty Limited trading as Flinders International Study Centre.

CRICOS provider code: 01682E. ABN: 88 070 919 327

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