Life in Australia

Australia is a huge country. From the urban sprawl of Sydney and Melbourne, to the rainforests of Queensland, you can explore just about every type of landscape.

Australian culture

Australians are laidback, friendly and full of humour. The warm climate and relaxed atmosphere make Australia a great place to move to. You will be welcomed here as an Australian student.

City life

Although cities like Sydney, Melbourne and Perth may be more well-known, Adelaide is full of wonderful things to see and do. You can meet some of Australia's unique animals at wildlife parks in and around the city, or discover beautiful scenery on hikes in the Adelaide Hills or Flinders Range mountains. You will also find restaurants serving food from all over the world.

World-class coastline

Some of Australia’s best-loved attractions lie around its 25,760 kilometres of coastline. Glenelg Beach and Brighton Beach in Adelaide are easy to get to and good places to enjoy snorkelling and beach picnics beneath the pine trees. If you want to explore more of Australia, you can tour the impressive cliffs of the Great Ocean Road or learn to surf on the Gold Coast. The underwater paradise of the Great Barrier Reef is considered by many as the best place in the world to scuba dive.

Aboriginal heritage

The indigenous people of Australia are known as Aboriginal Australians. Their way of life is is based on the spirituality of nature, and is very different to the modern lifestyle in Australian towns and cities. You can discover more about Aboriginal art and culture on trips to sacred sites such as Uluru and Kata Tjuta.

Weather in Australia

The hottest month in Adelaide is January, with an average temperature of 23 degrees Celsius. The coldest month is July. At this time of year it is usually around 11 degrees Celsius. July also Adelaide's wettest month, when an average of 70 millimetres of rain falls. The average sea temperature is 20 degrees Celsius in February, making it the best month for swimmers.

Travel in Australia

It's easy to get around Adelaide on trains, trams and buses using a Metrocard to pay for travel. Free travel is available within a designated zone in central Adelaide. There are also plenty of bikes to hire for a more environmentally friendly way to explore your surroundings. You can also find supervised taxi ranks in Adelaide, for a safe way to get home after an evening out. Ferries depart for Kangaroo Island, coaches depart for a wide range of destinations, and hire cars are available if you want more freedom to choose your route.

For international travel Adelaide Airport is less than half an hour away from the city centre by bus. From Adelaide you can take a connecting flight to one of Australia's major international airports, such as Sydney, Melbourne and Perth, for onward travel around the world.

Where is Adelaide?

Located between the hills and the ocean, Adelaide is the capital city of South Australia.

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