Australian education system

Benefits of studying in Australia

Ranked in the world top 10 (Universitas 21 2019), the Australian higher education system is respected throughout the world. Many universities in Australia focus on both theoretical knowledge and practical learning, so your degree will prepare you for your future career.


Teaching at Australian universities includes group lectures, group discussions and independent study. Your degree may also include opportunities for practical work or fieldwork. The methods of teaching you will receive depends on which degree you choose.


Degrees allow you to explore your chosen subject in depth. Qualifications you can work towards include Associate, Bachelor, Master and Doctoral Degrees.

Associate Degrees

Lasting two years, an Associate Degree teaches the foundations of an area of study and allows you to develop work-related skills. It can be a pathway to a Bachelor Degree. It can also be preparation for an Advanced Diploma in specialist industry training.

Bachelor Degrees

A Bachelor Degree in Australia usually takes three years to complete. It teaches you the knowledge, principles and problem-solving skills you need to enter a specific field of work. Study for a Bachelor Degree can lead to postgraduate study and is more in-depth than study for an Associate Degree. If you do well in the first three years of your Bachelor Degree, on some Australian degree courses you can study a fourth year and graduate with a Bachelor Degree (Honours).

Master Degrees

A Master Degree in Australia helps you to become an expert in your field. It may involve independent research, coursework or a combination of the two. A Master Degree takes one year to complete following a Bachelor Degree (Honours) or two years to complete following a Bachelor Degree in Australia.

Doctoral Degrees

A Doctoral Degree is the highest level of degree you can complete at Australian universities. It typically takes three years to complete, and involves an original research project and possibly some coursework. You are required to submit a long thesis detailing your findings.

Degree preparation programmes

Flinders University works with Flinders International Study Centre, which provides degree pathways for international students. Programs are designed to support international students to adapt to living and studying in Australia. They are available at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. English language courses are also available.

Programs at the International Study Centre are delivered by expert teachers and involve English language tuition, study skills training and academic subject knowledge. This is to ensure you have the best chance of success when you progress to degree study at Flinders University.

Where is Adelaide?

Located between the hills and the ocean, Adelaide is the capital city of South Australia.

Study Group Australia Pty Limited trading as Flinders International Study Centre delivers its own pathways courses leading to undergraduate studies at Flinders University. Study Group Australia Pty Limited trading as Flinders International Study Centre is also a third party delivering pre-masters courses on behalf of Flinders University.

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