Academic English Preparation (AEP)

Need to improve your English before starting your academic program at Flinders ISC? The AEP is ideal for you.

‭Why choose Academic English Preparation (AEP)?

If you don't meet the English language entry requirements for our Foundation or Diploma ‭program at Flinders ISC, or your degree at Flinders University, the Academic English Preparation (AEP) ‭is ideal for you. ‭The course is delivered on the Flinders ISC campus, so you will feel a part of the University community ‭from day one.

‭Learn essential skills

As well as improving your English language skills, you will also develop key academic skills that ‭will help you achieve success in your future studies. The AEP will teach you how to successfully ‭undertake the following activities in English:

  • ‭Group work
  • ‭Presentations
  • ‭Research
  • ‭Active listening and note-taking
  • ‭Formal writing.

‭We understand your needs

Our teachers are highly qualified and experienced professionals within the English as a Second ‭Language (ESL) field. Each teacher understands the needs of international students and, with our ‭smaller class sizes, is able to provide high levels of student care and support.

Supporting students under 18

Learning material and practices are contextualised to meet the individual needs of the learning taking into account the age and maturity of the student.

‭‭Flexible study options

The AEP starts on the following dates:

  • 7 January
  • ‭25 February
  • ‭31 March
  • 05 May
  • ‭23 June
  • 28 July
  • 01 September
  • ‭20 October
  • ‭18 November

‭‭Program structure

‭The AEP is taught in 10-week terms. You will be able to study 10, 20 or 30 weeks of AEP, ‭depending on your current level of English.

At the conclusion of each 10 week study period, there will be a scheduled holiday break of at least 1 week before the commencement of the next study period.

Mode of study

Full-time, face-to-face delivery.

Compulsory online and/or work-based training, placements, other community-based learning, collaborative research training arrangements

Not applicable.


1-5 levels (The study period for each level is 10 weeks).


Students are assessed through a series of formal and informal assessment tasks which target the objectives and learning outcomes of the course as contained within the course book and set cumulative assessment tasks at each level. Assessment includes formal tests, cumulative assessment tasks, class work, homework, participation and the Week 10 test.

Learning outcomes of AEP

At the end of this course you will have demonstrated the ability to:


  • Initiate and sustain a general conversation confidently and effectively in social situations
  • Produce appropriate written texts which convey meaning with a degree of fluency and accuracy on a range of topics and in a variety of genres
  • Comprehend straightforward heard text delivered at normal speed and without major distortion sufficiently to cope in social situations
  • Comprehend with reasonable speed the meaning and identify the structural features of a variety of written texts
  • Use all basic verb tenses accurately and appropriately and display knowledge of more advanced tenses in clear contexts
  • Manipulate grammar to convey meaning effectively
  • Use a limited variety of terminology and expressions in a range of common topic areas
  • Reproduce sound and speech patterns of English with a reasonable degree of accuracy.


  • Develop research skills using a variety of resources (internet, books, journals etc)
  • To use critical thinking skills to evaluate texts, question ideas in texts and those offered by others, and to support arguments using logic
  • To use IT programs to produce documents relevant to each level
  • To develop general study skills
  • Students successfully completing this course will receive a Certificate of Completion.


On completion, a Certificate of Completion is issued by Study Group Australia Pty Limited.

Key dates

  • Find out about the key dates for the Academic English Preparation Program.

Entry requirements

Minimum requirement for the Academic English Preparation is IELTS 4.0, with no band less than 3.5.


Course name: Academic English Preparation (AEP). CRICOS Course Code: 085947A
Provider: Study Group Australia Pty Ltd. CRICOS Provider Code: 01682E

"Flinders ISC is definitely helping me towards my future. The teachers are wonderful, so friendly and lovely with students. Coming from a different background, I feel that Flinders ISC has definitely been a benefit to me."

Rosina from Nepal - studying Pre-Masters Program in Business

Flinders ISC student Rosina from Nepal

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Provider: Study Group Australia Pty Limited trading as Flinders International Study Centre.

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