Your accommodation

You will live in a safe and welcoming student community where you will be able to make new friends.

‭Home away from home

Flinders is the only university in South Australia where you can live and learn on campus. There is ‭simply no better way to be a part of the university experience than to live in the thriving, multi-‭cultural community of students on campus.

‭Join our community

‭Our campus provides a safe and welcoming environment where you will be able to make lasting ‭friendships and take part in a whole range of social and educational activities.

‭Deirdre Jordan Village

The Village is located at the heart of the main campus, just a five minute walk away from Flinders ISC.

Each townhouse contains:
  • A common living/dining area  
  • ‭A fully equipped kitchen 
  • ‭Bathroom and toilet facilities 
  • ‭Bedrooms 
  • ‭Secure and lockable individual storage space 
  • ‭Access to laundry facilities 
All students have their own bedroom that is equipped with:
  • ‭A single bed 
  • ‭A generously sized desk 
  • ‭A study chair 
  • ‭A wardrobe 
  • ‭Telephone and internet connection. 
Other benefits at Deirdre Jordan Village include:
  • ‭Easy access to student services and facilities. 
  • ‭Catering with a full meal plan (Monday to Friday) which includes breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can also cook your own meals.
  • ‭Senior and postgraduate students, who are employed as Residential Coordinators, are on hand to offer advice and support. 

‭Widen your community

Live with a local family

‭‭You can also choose to live with a local family, where English is the primary language. This is ‭called Homestay. Your Homestay host will provide a safe and secure environment where you will ‭receive three meals a day and have your own bedroom. Homestay accommodation is compulsory ‭for students under the age of 18.

‭Live off-campus

‭‭There are a number of cost-effective accommodation options available if you want to experience ‭living off-campus, from apartments through to shared accommodation with other students. ‭Visit for more information.

Provider: Study Group Australia Pty Limited. CRICOS Provider Code: 01682E.

"My favourite thing about studying at Flinders is the environment, because it’s quiet, and we have many opportunities to socialise with other students."

Vincy from Hong Kong - studying Foundation program

Flinders ISC student Vincy from Hong Kong

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