Scholarship Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

1. Only completed applications accompanied by all supporting documents will be considered. Applications are to be submitted to the Representative or Agent for Study Group Australia Pty Limited (Study Group) with all relevant documents.

2. Scholarships are awarded on Academic Merit. Please discuss the eligibility requirements with your Study Group Representative or with the Study Group Agent.

3. Scholarships are limited in number, and subject to availability. Even if an applicant meets scholarship criteria, a scholarship may not be awarded.

4. Applicants will be assessed according to the assessment criteria set out for each programme and scholarship category.

5. Scholarships are subject to applicants meeting the entry requirements to the programme.

6. Continuation of the scholarship is subject to the recipient successfully meeting the study requirements of each term of the programme, including passing all subjects, and adherence to programme rules.

7. Scholarship recipients will be liable to pay any non-tuition fee items which may be required for the programme, such as toolkits or materials.

8. Scholarships are not available with any other discount or special pricing offer.

9. Excluding 30% Academic Scholarship applicants, students have the option of combining the Academic Scholarship and the English Language Scholarships.

* Once you complete the course and provided you meet all entry requirements.

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